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Sir Geoff Hurst trusts our law firm to recober the money advanced for an unfinished house located in Marbella

unfinished house
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The English legendary former football player Sir Geoff Hurst, who lacks a guarantee, trusts Bufete Salmerón to recover the sums advanced for the buying of an unfinished house located in Marbella.

Hurst bought an off-plan house in February 2004 in the Real State development Aloha Royal of the property development company DUJA which became voluntarily insolvent in 2012.

The legendary football player advanced 298,000 euros in order to buy his house which must have been delivered during 2007.

This news, due to its social relevance, has been highlighted by several important English newspapers, such as The Maily On Sunday both in its paper and online versions.

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