Administrative Law

“Our success at achieving unprecedented judgements speaks for us.”

Public Administration is an instrument of the State whose objective is to ensure fundamental rights, the development of the individual and social welfare.

Irregularities or administrative malpractice causes damage and harm to citizens, who can feel powerless when facing national, regional, or local government institutions.

Being specialists in Administrative Law we can meet the legal defence needs of citizens and our willingness to take on cases where no precedent exists has led to great successes for our clients. We have achieved unprecedented judgements such as that related to the dissolution of Urban Conservation Entities.

Public Procurement

  • Advice on public bids

  • Contract awarding

  • Enforcement and termination of contracts

  • Defaults and debts

Public sector staff issues

  • Irregularities in the selection process

  • Public servants

  • Temporary staff

  • Acting officials

  • Support staff


  • Collaborative Schemes (Owners Management Board, Urban Maintenance Entities etc)

  • Damages caused by Urban Planning

  • Planning Permission

  • Expropriation

Claims against the Administration

  • Patrimonial responsibility of the Administration. Damages

  • Irregularities in the provisionof Public Services

  • Noise pollution

Disciplinary Proceedings

  • Traffic fines, procurement and licensing

  • Deprivation of bonuses and other benefits


  • Subsidies, licences and permits

  • Data Protection

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