01_trabajo_en_equipo  TEAMWORK

We focus on teamwork and the interaction between our departments to provide a quality service. 
In this way, our clients always benefit from the experience of all our professionals.

02_agilidad_y_eficiencia  EFFICENCY AND FAST RESPONSE

We offer a prompt service and work hard to provide it with the highest efficiency and effectiveness. Our mission is to perform any legal task in a fast and productive way, and therefore all our resources are optimized in order to achieve this goal.

03_adaptacion  FLEXIBILITY

Our philosophy is based on our high capacity to adapt ourselves to our clients' needs. As we work for unique clients, we meet any need they may have when required.

04_compromiso  COMMITMENT

The term "commitment" Is for us a declaration of principles. All our team is committed to our clients interests, which drives us to provide an excellent service.


Spanish Banks are forced to return advanced payments related with failed buying and selling of off-plan houses.


The Spanish Courts are forcing  finantial entities to return the sums advanced by off-plan house buyers as well as foto-post-bancos-obligados-devolver-anticipospaying the legal costs of the judicial process of those who report.In fact, hundreds of people have already recovered 100% of the savings they invested in the purchase of their house plus 6% interests.
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The Media publish the court ruling that obliges Banco Santander to refund more than 174,000 euros to one of our clients.

08.3Numerous media -economy and general press, radio, etc.- publish the court ruling obliging Banco Santander to refund more than 174,000 euros to one of our clients whose house was never delivered by the developer.

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The Firm Salmerón appears in the Media because of a pioneering court sentence obtained for a company acquiring a new property.

banco-_santanderThe Firm Salmerón is once again in the Mass Media. This time because of having achieved
an unprecedented judgement condemning Banco Santander to refund more than 44,000 euros to a company for a property that was never delivered.

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