Inheritance Law

«Experts in making difficult matters easier.»

Inheritance Law requires both a mastery of the Civil Code and a comprehensive knowledge of the tax regulations for the Autonomous Communities. Familiarity with International Private Law may also be necessary depending on the location of the inheritable properties.

Our experts work regularly giving advice on drafting wills in compliance with tax regulations, providing solutions where there are disagreements among heirs, facilitating the inheritance process regarding family businesses, or providing support for making donations, disinheritance, the settlement of an inheritance or the payment of Inheritance Tax.

Testate successions

  • Advice and drafting of wills

  • Tax advice

  • Inheritance claims

  • Legal declaration of heirs

  • Distribution of estates

  • Acceptance of inheritances with limited liability

  • Challenges to wills

  • Inheritance settlement and Inheritance and Capital Gains Taxes

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