The Firm Salmerón

The Firm Salmerón, headed by the Lawyer Fernando Salmerón Sánchez, is a multidisciplinary firm that offers services specialized in Real Estate, Banking, Commercial, Family, Inheritance,

Administrative and Sports Law. The commitment to its clients, the assumption of their interests as its own ones and the offer of a close and trustful relationship have made this Law Firm become a reference for clients from Spain, France, Ireland, England, Portugal and Morocco.
Moreover, its highly qualified team, its determination to attain the highest efficiency ratios and its continuous search for excellence, have led this Law Firm to obtain pioneering rulings that have obliged, for instance, several financial and insurance entities to refund more than 5 million euros to its clients, or to recognize full retroactivity of important and current issues such as the ground clause.



Our working method is based on transparency and we are committed to offer our clients an initial evaluation of their case, providing them with a non-binding response within 24 hours since their documentation is received.
In case of obtaining a favourable legal assessment and if the client agrees, we offer them an online access to their records to keep them up to date on the progress of their case via their own computer.

Furthermore, our strong commitment to our clients drives us to be wherever and whenever they may need us, and this is the reason why this team offers geographical mobility, being able to provide our services to clients from Spain and the rest of Europe.


Our Team
Fernando Salmerón Sánchez

Bachelor of Law at the San Pablo CEU University of Madrid.
Alicia Gómez Rodríguez

Bachelor of Law at the University of Salamanca.
Macarena Jiménez Ortiz

Bachelor of Business Administration and Finance.