Banking law

«More than 5 million euros refunded by financial and insurance entities since 2015»

Our extensive experience in banking-related consulting, analysis and claims provides assurance to our clients. In the current economic climate characterised by widespread unfair and deceptive banking practices, our work is more important than ever.

Our mission is to give advice about mortgages, review contracts to prevent the inclusion of unfair terms, file claims if rights are violated, or make recommendations about the best options regarding banking contracts.

The success of our team of lawyers at Bufete Salmerón in this field has been highlighted in the media.

Nullity of unfair terms

  • Floor Clause

  • Mortgages linked to a reference rate Early termination

Unfair contracts

  • Swaps


  • Dation in payment and social rented housing

  • Debt rearrangement

  • Second Chance Act

Financial guarantees

  • Enforcement of bank guarantees

  • Reverse Factoring

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