My "Failure"

My story begins with a failure: after finishing my law degree at CEU SAN PABLO in Madrid, I spent 6 years completely dedicated to studying for the Notary Public examination at the Matritense Academy of Madrid and the Sevillana Academy of Notaries. When I failed the exam, I decided that instead of trying again I would follow a new career path. 

My "success"

But that failure, unbeknownst to me, was to become my greatest success: the practice of law, to which I dedicate myself with complete passion, study, dedication, and honesty. My love for my profession is such that if my son were to ask me for advice about his future, I would be delighted to suggest that he become a lawyer.

It is an absolute privilege to be able to defend my clients, be committed to their cases and to justice.


My beginnings

In 2003 a prestigious local firm noticed me and made me a job offer which I accepted. I worked on multiple and diverse projects; among the best known was a project financed with European funds for the sale and purchase of rural properties in Portugal.  I provided legal and commercial advice to investors for the sale and purchase of rural properties in Alentejo, which meant living in Portugal for periods of time.

I also worked in areas as stimulating as urban planning, compulsory expropriations, and bankruptcy proceedings.

My law firm

In 2005 in search of excellence, I decided to set up my own firm, currently located in a regionalist building designed by the prestigious architect Aníbal González. Since then, my law firm has become a reference in the banking and property fields, having been nominated by the newspaper La Razón for the award for the professional firm of reference in Property Law and by the publishing house De Ley in the category of Banking Law.

We have achieved many pioneering judgments which have had great media coverage, reported in both national and international media, in newspapers (El País, El Mundo, ABC, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Irish Times), as well as on television (La1, Telecinco, Antena 3).

I am also a contributor and writer for several specialized magazines.

We work with both national and international clients, individuals, and companies. I also provide legal services to several elite football players.

The firm has an international presence in the UK, Ireland, and Morocco. In order to provide the best efficiency and service to our clients, we have signed collaboration agreements with local agents.

I am an advisor and collaborator with the prestigious estate agents Engel&Volkers.

What do we offer?

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