Property Law

«Pioneering judgements make us an industry benchmark»

Our daily work in the field of Property Law has allowed us to obtain pioneering rulings. A significant example is the verdict we obtained in which, for the first time, a bank was ordered to return deposits, plus 6% interest and to pay the legal costs, to an off-plan property buyer who did not have a guarantee.

Since this ruling, we have become a point of reference for clients from all over Europe, and we have succeeded in obliging financial and insurance entities to refund more than 5 million euros, regardless of whether our clients had a guarantee or an insurance policy or not.

Our lawyers offer a comprehensive service that ranges from legal advice for buying and selling property, renting, the settlement of land rights, to resolving neighbourhood conflicts and the processing of documents with notaries and the Land Registry.

Off-plan property purchase

  • Claims for down payments with or without guarantee/insurance

  • Failure to comply with the delivery date: termination of the contract

  • Bankruptcy of property developers and construction companies

  • Enforcement of guarantees

  • Cooperatives

  • Legal advice and contracts

Property sale and purchase

  • Drafting of contracts

  • Legal advice and contract review related to mortgages

Property rights

  • Mortgages

  • Segregation of rural properties

  • Usufructs

  • Easements

  • Surface, air and subsurface rights

Property rental

  • Rental of housing, offices and business premises

  • Legal advice and drafting of contracts

  • Evictions

  • Defaults

Community of property owners

  • Commonhold Act

  • Works in common areas

  • Payments of works in community areas

  • Neighbourhood conflicts

  • Defaulting

Processing of documents with notaries and the Land Registry

  • Paperwork

  • Drafting of notarial acts

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