Banco Santander to return more than 174,619.08€ to another off-plan home buyer

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Banco Santander has been ordered to repay 174,619.08 euros, plus 6% interest, plus costs, to a buyer of an off-plan property represented by Bufete Salmerón who did not have an individual bank guarantee.

On this occasion, the client of Bufete Salmerón had bought the property from the developer Área de Promociones Inmobiliarias S.L., which went into insolvency proceedings and never delivered the property. The development was located in C/ Velázquez nº 17, Dos Hermanas (Seville).

With this judgement, our Law Firm maintains a 100% success rate, having already managed to get the financial institutions and insurers to return more than 5 million euros to those affected.


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