Caixabank ordered to pay more than 200,000 euros to residents in Bollullos (Huelva)

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Huelva, Nov 6 – The Court of First Instance and Instruction No 6 in Valencia has ordered Caixabank to pay more than 200,000 euros to residents in Bollullos Par del Condado (Huelva), relating to payments made to a developer for the purchase of houses that were never built.

In a statement, the lawyer in charge of the proceedings, Fernando Salmerón, head of Bufete Salmerón, which specialises in banking and property law, said that the ruling states that the bank will pay both the payments, transfers and cheques deposited by the residents and also requires the bank to pay interest dating back from 2007.

He also stated that CaixaBank “could not have been unaware of the deposits as Bollullos Par del Condado is a small town, and the bank had the capacity to control the payments made by the buyers”.

Bufete Salmerón sued Caixabank at the end of 2020 on behalf of the residents.

Between October 2007 and January 2008, the plaintiffs signed contracts with a developer for the purchase and sale of homes to be built in the municipality of Bollullos, in the streets of Calles Calvario, Pendique and Tres de Abril.

Prior to the signing of the aforementioned sale and purchase contracts, some of the purchasers signed a bilateral agreement of sale and purchase through a commercial company. This company then received the deposits paid by the purchasers as a reservation and subsequently handed them over to the developer, between February and September 2007.


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