Interview with Fernando Salmerón on Telecinco News about the ruling that establishes that banks that must pay mortgage loan taxes

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Interview with Fernando Salmerón, director of Bufete Salmerón, on Telecinco News where he explains the rectification of the Supreme Court that corrects its previous ruling and establishes that it is the bank, and not the client, who must pay the taxes on the loan.

The Supreme Court thus modified its previous jurisprudence and annulled a previous ruling, in which it had ruled that it was the customers who should pay the Transfer Tax (ITP) and Stamp Duty (AJD) on mortgages.

This ruling was suspended a day later by the High Court after the collapse of the banking sector on the stock market. The Supreme Court’s backtracking has caused several institutions to temporarily withdraw information about mortgages from their websites, leaving many consumers unsure of what to do.

The Supreme Court will decide on 5 November on the payment of mortgage tax.


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