It is possible to claim against the bank for the money you lost buying an off-plan house even if it is abroad

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The Provincial Court of Madrid upholds the sentence of a Court of First Instance to pay the buyer of a property in Morocco.

The Provincial Court of Madrid sentences Banco Santander to pay the money paid by a buyer of a property in Morocco. According to Fernando Salmerón, Director of Bufete Salmerón, who obtained this groundbreaking ruling, this opens up a very important battlefield against banks that have financed housing developments abroad.

Thus, the Judgment states that Law 57/68 (which serves as the basis for the claim) makes no distinction between national and foreign territory, which confirms the theory defended by our lawyer. This could bring justice to tens of thousands of buyers who decided to purchase a property outside Spain and could not recover their money when the developer became insolvent before completing the development. Initially as these properties were located outside Spain it was understood that Spanish law did not apply to them.


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