New homebuyer: No home and no money? Even if you have no guarantee or insurance, you can still get your savings back

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The property crisis that we have suffered for almost a decade has left thousands of people with their housing development at a standstill or so far behind that they no longer have any interest in it. But have these people really become homeless and penniless? At Bufete Salmerón, we have managed to ensure that even without a bank guarantee, they can recover their money, and in just one year, we have achieved the return of more than 5 million euros from banks and insurers.

Just over a year ago, we represented a group of people affected by the paralysis of a housing development in Dos Hermanas (Seville). These people did not have the bank guarantee or the insurance that is usually provided by the developer to the buyers in case the construction of the house is paralysed or delayed. At that time, the outlook was not at all encouraging for those affected, who saw how the developer went into insolvency proceedings, threw the baby out with the bathwater, and the financial institution felt so far removed from the problem that it swept away the hopes of those affected.

However, Bufete Salmerón managed to demonstrate that the bank, being aware of what was happening and being to some extent a co-participant, was jointly and severally liable with the developer and, therefore, should be obliged to return to those affected the amounts paid in advance, paid into a special account, plus 6% interest and, of course, the costs. The courts agreed with us and the first condemnatory sentence was handed down, which obliged to return the amounts paid on account by the purchasers of an off-plan property when it had been paralysed or delayed, despite the fact that they had no bank guarantee or insurance.

Since then, Bufete Salmerón has become a point of reference for people affected by the paralysis of housing developments from all over Spain, France, Ireland and England. To date, we have achieved a 100% success rate in all the cases we have handled in this area and our clients have received the more than 5 million euros owed to them by the banks and insurance companies.

So, we would like to ask you: have you bought an off-plan property and the development is paralysed or delayed, the developer has gone into bankruptcy proceedings, you have no insurance or bank guarantee, you don’t know how or who to claim from, you have no house and no money? We are sure that we can help you. Tell us your case and we will advise you without obligation. If we can’t give you back the illusion of your home, we can help you recover your savings and interest. In short, what is rightfully yours. Call us on 954 536 038 or 695 694 847 or write to We are here for you.

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