We are launching NotariSolutio: a specialised debt recovery service for Notaries

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It is estimated that notaries’ offices see their annual turnover decrease by 5-10% due to non-payment. The amounts owed are often numerous but small in nature, so that the efforts aimed at pursuing collection are often more burdensome than the debt itself.

This situation, combined with the tension that can occur with the client and the loss of time and resources involved in debt collection, leads notaries to desist from collection.

This is the reason why Bufete Salmerón wanted to launch NotariSolutio: a service designed by and for notary’s offices, with the aim of enabling them to collect unpaid debts effortlessly, without tension with their clients and without wasting time.

Through NotariSolutio, a specialised agent from Bufete Salmerón is responsible for managing each non-payment.

With just one phone call from our office, we open, in less than 24 hours, a claim file to which the notary’s office will have on-line access, and from that moment on, we start the whole claim process. With the simple implementation of this service, the notary’s office recovers the VAT on all unpaid invoices.

Despite knowing that not all debts are the same, Bufete Salmeron has decided to use a single fee criterion: the success in the recovery of the non-payment. In such a way that our firm only charges 25% of each debt if the notary’s office recovers its money. In this way, the notary’s office will always know what each recovery costs, regardless of the amount or the age of the debt.


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