We launch CobroSolutio, a service designed to recover bad and outstanding debts

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CobroSolutio is a service designed by Bufete Salmerón with the aim of offering an effective response to nonpayment suffered by companies. This service, specialised in successful debt collection, is carried out by different lawyers specialised in judicial and extrajudicial debt collection.

Since its beginnings, Bufete Salmerón has placed the client as the central focus of its activity, hence our firm wants to maintain its commitment to offering added value aimed at anticipating and satisfying the needs of our clients and, what better way than to do it through a service that saves them effort, time, and resources? And, if in addition, this service means an increase in their income from the first moment and solves the problem of payment arrears?

It is in this context that CobroSolutio was born. Managed by specialists in different business sectors and with a strong commercial character, it successfully helps our clients by solving the problem of debt arrears. In this sense, it is worth remembering that by the mere fact of initiating the claim, our client is already able to recover the VAT of all the invoices he has issued, and which have not been paid.

CobroSolutio users will only pay for the recovery services if our experts recover their money and, moreover, our fee will be linked to the amounts recovered. In this way, Bufete Salmerón only wins, if the client wins.

In order to start Cobrosolutio, it is enough for the interested party to inform our office. You can do so by calling 954 536 038 or 695 694 847. Our experts in debt collection will open a claim file immediately to which the client company will have on-line access in less than 24 hours.

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