We managed to recover more than €62,380 for a ghost house in Málaga

casa fantasma en Málaga
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At Bufete Salmerón we have managed to recover more than €62,380 from another of our clients, plus interest and costs for a ghost house in Malaga.

Our client had purchased a new build property in the town of Manilva from the developer DUJA S.A. The property should have been delivered in November 2017; however the developer went into voluntary insolvency proceedings.

The Court of First Instance nº 19 of Seville has ruled in our favour, demanding Abanca to return the amounts paid on account for this ghost house in Malaga, despite the fact that the buyer did not have an individual guarantee. This has also been reported in the media, which have reported on the news.

Currently our firm is representing more than 100 families in a similar situation, and we have already managed to get the financial institutions and insurers to return more than 5 million euros to their clients.

With this ruling, we reinforce our leadership as a benchmark in banking and property law, where we have achieved important milestones such as the return of amounts advanced for the purchase of new construction when the buyer was a legal entity, the return of mortgage arrangement fees without the need to go to court.


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