We succeeded in getting Banco Santander to refund €44,704.35 to a company that bought an off-plan property

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Once again, Bufete Salmerón has obtained a pioneering ruling that opens a new path for off-plan homebuyers who have seen how they have not been given their house and who did not want to get their money back.

On this occasion, it is a ruling that obliges Banco Santander to return €44,704.35 plus legal interest from the date of filing the claim, to a company that, as a legal entity, had bought an off-plan home that was never delivered to them and, moreover, without having an individual bank guarantee. In this context, it is the first time that a judge has ruled that a legal entity, and not an individual, should be reimbursed the money paid in advance.

The property had been purchased from the developer Área de Promociones Inmobiliarias de Andalucía, S.L., which went into insolvency proceedings, and formed part of the development at C/ Velázquez nº 17, Dos Hermanas (Seville)


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