Life insurance validity during a pandemic

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The pandemic that we are living through makes us question whether our life insurance policy includes among its coverage death due to this cause.

Life insurance is a contract that guarantees the payment of an amount after the death of a person, in this case the insured, in such a way that the beneficiaries of the insurance are protected (e.g., the outstanding capital of a mortgage loan). This type of insurance is usually taken out when signing a mortgage.

What does life insurance cover?

Life insurance covers cases of death for any reason, but there are insurance companies that apply exclusions, for example when death occurs due to the practice of sporting activities considered risky, or death due to a pandemic illness, as in the case of COVID-19.

Where can I find in the policy if the pandemic/epidemic situation is excluded?

Generally, the exclusions are usually found in the “exclusions” section, which makes it quite easy to locate them. Said exclusions would initially prevent coverage by the insurer, but for such a case to arise, it must fulfil the necessary requirements for the incorporation of a limiting clause.

What can be done if we do not have coverage relating to pandemics or epidemics?

Bufete Salmerón recommends talking to your insurer to get more information, and in the event that the coverage for pandemic or epidemic is not included, negotiating with the insurer a possible inclusion of such a clause. If the insurer refuses, you can decide whether it is in your interest (or not) to continue with that insurer.

If the insured is already deceased and death due to a pandemic is excluded, the Supreme Court understands that such an exclusion will only be in accordance with the law if:

  • the exclusion was clearly explained.
  • if the insured has expressly signed it on the “exclusions” page.

In any case, it is always recommendable to seek professional advice from an expert who can help you in these matters.


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