New ruling against Bankia

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The 19th Court of First Instance of Seville sentences the financial institution Bankia to pay a client of Bufete Salmerón 25,288.95€.

The court ordered the financial institution to pay the money paid by a buyer of a property in the El Mirador del Serrano development, El Garrobo (Seville), as well as the costs of the proceedings. The developer is the company GDP del Sur.

According to Fernando Salmerón, Director of Bufete Salmerón, who obtained this ruling, it confirms that the Bank is always liable, regardless of whether or not there is an individual guarantee given by the Developer to the buyer of the property.

It also confirms that the claim period is 15 years, as has been stated by our law firm on many occasions and not as the banks contest wanting to reduce it to 2 years.


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