New ruling opens the door even wider for those claiming their money back

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Judges continue to support that banks should return savings to those who bought homes that were never delivered.

Judges continue to support the banks being responsible for returning the money advanced by buyers of off-plan homes who never received their homes, either because the developer went into insolvency proceedings or because they did not meet the delivery deadlines established in the contract.

This has been reaffirmed by a new ruling handed down by the Provincial Court of Valencia, which obliges Banco Sabadell – which bought CAM – to return 96,300 euros as an advance payment for a house. This buyer did not have any type of guarantee.

In this way, the claim route successfully opened in 2014 by Bufete Salmerón, which consists of claiming from banks and insurance companies the amounts advanced on account, when the buyer does not receive his home, is opened even more.

With this new ruling, the door is opened even wider for the thousands of people who bought their homes off plan and who thought they had lost their money, to be able to claim without the need for them to have any type of guarantee, but only by proving that a payment was made to the financial institution.


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