There is no time limit for claiming mortgage fees

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Court 10 Bis of Seville, which has jurisdiction over abuses in the banking sector, has declared this to be the case.

Court 10 Bis of Seville has ordered BBVA to pay the costs generated by the formalisation of a loan. In the main part of the ruling, and contrary to the Bank’s arguments, it states that in matters of nullity of general contracting conditions, the action is not subject to any expiry period since the declaratory action is not subject to any statute of limitations.

The Lawyer Fernando Salmerón, Director of Bufete Salmerón, who obtained this ruling, understands that it could be applied to old loans that have already been amortised and cancelled, and therefore tens of thousands of people affected can benefit from this jurisprudential position, and not only related to expenses, but also to claims for floor clauses and other abusive financial products


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